Month: May 2023

  • Teacher Self-Care 101

    The shaping of young minds, and frankly the future generations, can be extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, it’s also equally as stressful. Teachers will find themselves in particularly overwhelming situations throughout the school year, often reaching increasing levels of burnout year after year. It’s quite the stressful profession, so it’s understanding such draining emotions will lead to those feelings. What’s worse is…

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  • Education

    How Can Artificial Intelligence Shape A Student’s Education?

    ‘Human beings are not attaining their full heights until they are educated’.’ The former altered the fate of every person who embraced and implemented it towards a better life. Consequently, the significance of experiencing world-class education tops the list of every parent and student who enrolls in renowned schools or colleges. In today’s digitalization and technology-driven environment, every educational institution,…

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