Driver Safety Courses – What Are The Real Advantages?

Driving in Australia has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and the roads are now more congested with other vehicles and people who are getting frustrated because they can’t get to where they want to go quick enough. This leads to poor and ill-judged driving and the number of car accidents is rising year on year. Due to that, insurance premiums are also on the rise and for younger drivers, this is a complete nightmare. It is now common place to pay more for your car insurance that what the car is actually worth and that makes no sense whatsoever.

However, you can reduce your yearly car insurance premium by taking a driver safety course and you will be rewarded by your insurance company by getting reduced premiums. They now know that you are a more accomplished driver and the likelihood of you being involved in a road vehicle accident have reduced since taking the course. You are now more knowledgeable about the rules of the road and you can react much better to other drivers who continue to drive erratically with little or no care for other road users.

Taking a driver safety course is your first step to being a better driver and it comes with many benefits. Here are only a few of those.

  1. It’s important to protect your no claims bonus as this is what keeps your insurance premiums from moving into the higher brackets. You are being rewarded for safe driving and anything that you can do to protect that, is time and money very well spent. You learn to anticipate other drivers and after a time, it actually gets easier to spot accidents waiting to happen and you can take steps to avoid that collision. You will be no longer driving with your heart, but with your head.
  1. Many people don’t think about the financial savings that you will be making, but there are many. For example, your improved driving methods mean that your tyres won’t be taking the beating that they used to. More careful and aware driving means less abrupt turns and your tyres will have less wear. Less wear means that you don’t have to change your tyres as often and that’s a considerable saving.
  1. General wear and tear of the car will also reduce as you will be driving with more consideration for your vehicle and the road. You will be using your brakes less as you learn to judge the road ahead of you and make decisions much quicker. This means a gradual and softer use of the brakes.

You will never be the perfect driver, but you can get pretty close if you take this driver safety course. Your stress levels will reduce when you drive as you are able to negotiate the road better and handle everything that comes your way in your stride. Driving will become fun again and other drivers will appreciate your consideration.






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