How to Choose a Good Chinese Tutor

Finding a Chinese tutor is important if you want to learn the Chinese language correctly and effectively. However, there are many tutors to choose from out there and knowing the right one can be difficult. Fortunately, the tips below can help you make the right choice:

Choose a Tutor based on your Learning Needs

The right Mandarin tutor for you is one want who can cater to your specific learning needs. For instance, if you are looking to learn the Chinese language for your daily communications, you must look for an outgoing tutor who speaks the language as a native Chinese person. This person should be able to help you learn about China’s typical daily life and culture.

Choose a Tutor that Uses Different Teaching Methods

The best Mandarin tutor mixes their teaching up with a variety of audio, visual, and contextual activities. They understand that every student learns differently. Some students may have to see something to remember it or learn best by writing it down a few times. Regardless of your style, your tutor must employ different ways to get the learning point across.

Look for a Tutor that Makes the Class Engaging and Interesting

You can only maintain your interest in your study if your tutor knows how to keep you engaged. Thus, look for a tutor who will not make you fall asleep while they are talking. Depending on their students’ age, they should be to incorporate games, songs, and interactive activities into their class. For adult learners, they must draw on real-life situations, fun activities, and current events to keep their brain active.

Ensure the Tutor Does not Have an Accent

Because you are learning Mandarin, which is standard Chinese, ensure your tutor doesn’t have an accent. Often, people who live in the southern part of China have more pronounced accents that those in the northern part. For example, Hunan Province residents mispronounce the “n” and “I” sounds. By picking a tutor with no accent, you avoid picking up a local accent. Thus, you will be able t master correct tones and pronunciation.

Choose a Tutor that can Identify the Problem areas and Guide you Through Them

As you try to learn the Chinese language, you depend on the skills and expertise of your tutor in determining your weaknesses. Also, you depend on them in learning the right language in the most effective way. For instance, if you have issues with correctly pronouncing the tones, your tutor should be able to identify this and integrate additional pronunciation and listening practice into the lesson.

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