Problems that young people with disabilities are likely to face

There is a lot of stigma around people with disabilities. In the past few years, we have come a long way. However, there is still a lack in the market, especially regarding equity creation. It often makes it challenging for young people with disabilities to survive in this market.

Because of disabilities, many people end up in residential aged care facilities. They get sufficient support, and the Australian Government provides necessary support to the individuals, ensuring that no young person below 60 is in residential aged care.

Are there any challenges that young people with disabilities face?

While the Australian Government takes necessary steps to help young people with disabilities, there are still some challenges that they are likely to face. These are primarily because of societal pressure. Given below are some of the common challenges that these young people with disabilities are likely to encounter:

Education and learning

Good education is everyone’s right, and good education is one of the most prominent things any young individual will want. Nonetheless, many young people who suffer from disabilities miss out on enjoying these features.

When young people with disabilities enter mainstream schools, they do not get enough support, and there is a lack of diversity and disability awareness. Many bodies recommend that schools introduce anti-bullying policies, and it proves to be efficient for teachers and students.

The anti-bullying policy can help to shift the stigma, and it will help to build a more inclusive environment in the school. Therefore, more people with disabilities can easily engage in school and get more support.


Disabled people are less likely to get employment. Earning is not only about income. But it is also a common way to feel that you’re a part of the environment.

Being employed helps them become a part of the community and gain confidence. However, some workplaces are not very welcoming of people with disabilities, and they do not create a specific environment for disabled people.

On the other hand, some organizations are helping the growth of disabled individuals. Employers must focus on disability awareness among employees. Furthermore, they must also pay special attention to creating an inclusive environment. When support exists, they can take their own time to grow. It will also help disabled people identify what is available in the market.

Living and accommodation

One of the biggest challenges young people with disabilities are likely to face is accommodation. Many house owners refrain from lending their property to someone with disabilities, and they may have no control or choice to determine how to give support services.

Flexibility is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to living. More information needs to be made available to people with disabilities. Knowledge determines empowerment. When people with disabilities know about it, they will also experience independence that can help in the long run.

Provider Plus NDIS audit can help individuals become familiar with the basics. It will also help individuals what their rights are. As a result, it will help to overcome the challenges and barriers.

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