Teacher Self-Care 101

The shaping of young minds, and frankly the future generations, can be extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, it’s also equally as stressful. Teachers will find themselves in particularly overwhelming situations throughout the school year, often reaching increasing levels of burnout year after year. It’s quite the stressful profession, so it’s understanding such draining emotions will lead to those feelings. What’s worse is that some teachers feel as though these feelings aren’t being considered enough by the institutions they’re working for. While some may offer some tools to help teachers mitigate their stress, many teachers believe an overhaul is necessary to bring about the systemic change that they require for a healthier work-life balance. These institutions should be just as concerned about ensuring their teachers are operating at their highest levels, which can be made easier by encouraging self-care and perhaps even promoting in more meaningful ways. To learn more about the ways in which teachers and their schools can work together to better their work-life balance, please check out the resource featured alongside this post.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization specializing in offering educators and their students a  spanish reading comprehension test.

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